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First Name Last Name School Class With
Barbara Abbott - Stephen Abbott
Stephen Abbott School of Medicine 1969 Barbara Abbott
SHIRIN Adibzadeh - Babak Ghassemi
Jabran Alemi School of Dentistry 2006 Zohra Nassimy
Jessica (Myers) Allan School of Medicine 2009
Pamela (Arbuckle) Alston School of Dentistry 1982
Catherine Arima School of Nursing 2007
Paulette (Quittman) Avery School of Nursing 1969
Catherine (Bachman) Bachman-Wuesthoff School of Dentistry 1989
Sarah (Lewis) Bacich School of Dentistry 1989
Rochelle Barlas-Nagel School of Nursing Michael Nagel
Kathie Bechard - Robert Bechard
Robert Bechard School of Medicine 1964 Kathie Bechard
Nannette Benedict School of Dentistry 1977 jeff bernhardt
Carol (Zarate) Berner School of Dentistry 1983
jeff bernhardt - Nannette Benedict
Drucy Borowitz School of Medicine 1982 Philip Glick
Sheila Brear School of Dentistry 2000
James Bridgman Renata Kiefer
John Brinck - Kit Lau
James Brodfuehrer School of Dentistry 1989 Theresa Chesnut
Sheldon Brown - Janet Roth
James Bui School of Medicine 1995 Alena Dinh, Jordan Bui
Jordan Bui - James Bui, Alena Dinh
Susan Buren School of Medicine 1979 James Sano
Mervyn Burke School of Medicine 1954
Sandra Bushmaker School of Dentistry 1969
Millicent (Buxton) Buxton-Smith - David Smith
Rhiza Camaisa Ted Camaisa
Ted Camaisa School of Dentistry 1989 Rhiza Camaisa
Blanca Cantu School of Nursing 1982 Nancy Quinn
Corinne Carroll - William Carroll
William Carroll School of Dentistry 1980 Corinne Carroll
Eduardo Castro School of Dentistry 1996
Lowen Cattolico Graduate Division 2003
Fiona Chan - Allen Leong, Lindsey Leong, Alan Chen, Jonathan Leong, Kimberly Young
Alan Chen - Allen Leong, Lindsey Leong, Jonathan Leong, Kimberly Young, Fiona Chan
Theresa Chesnut - James Brodfuehrer
Allen Chin Jeanne Mok
Deborah (King) Cobo School of Nursing 1976 Juan Carlos Cobo
Juan Carlos Cobo School of Medicine 1979 Deborah (King) Cobo
Laurel Coleman School of Medicine 1989 Stephen Coleman
Stephen Coleman School of Medicine 1990 Laurel Coleman
Jeanette (Flannery) Courtad School of Dentistry 1989
Patricia (Wieger) Curtis School of Dentistry 1989
Deborah Dauber Graduate Division 2001
Dotti Day School of Pharmacy Robert Day
Robert Day School of Pharmacy 1958 Dotti Day
Jorge Diaz School of Medicine 1979 Linda Diaz
Linda Diaz - Jorge Diaz
Alena Dinh - James Bui, Jordan Bui
Sharon Dobie School of Medicine 1979
Marsha Epstein School of Medicine 1969
David Erle School of Medicine 1984
Maria ((Litfin)) Eschen School of Nursing 1969 Barry Eschen, MD
Barry Eschen, MD School of Medicine 1968 Maria ((Litfin)) Eschen
Jacqueline Etemad School of Medicine 1964
Cyrus Ezzati School of Dentistry 1989
Deborah Farrell - Thomas Farrell
Thomas Farrell School of Medicine 1979 Deborah Farrell
Donna Ferriero School of Medicine 1979
Bruce Filarsky School of Medicine 1984 Cheryl Filarsky
Cheryl Filarsky - Bruce Filarsky
Anne-Lise Fink School of Dentistry 1994
Verena Firpo School of Pharmacy 2009
Nicole Flanigan School of Dentistry 2010
Jacqueline (Renyer) Fletcher School of Medicine 1994 Tracy George
Lauralee Flood - Steven Flood
Steven Flood School of Dentistry 1989 Lauralee Flood
Kathy Fogle - Martin Fogle
Martin Fogle School of Medicine 1979 Kathy Fogle
Julie Forstadt School of Dentistry 1989
Andrew Forster School of Dentistry 2006
EARLENE Forsythe - James (Barney) Forsythe
James (Barney) Forsythe School of Medicine 1964 EARLENE Forsythe
Marie Freeberg Graduate Division 2015
Dan Furtado School of Pharmacy 1969
Annie Gallagher School of Medicine Renata Gallagher, Declan Gallagher
Declan Gallagher - Renata Gallagher, Annie Gallagher
Renata Gallagher School of Medicine 1989 Annie Gallagher, Declan Gallagher
Joseph Gee School of Pharmacy 1977 Lucia Jim-Gee
Tracy George School of Medicine 1995 Jacqueline (Renyer) Fletcher
Babak Ghassemi School of Dentistry 1997 SHIRIN Adibzadeh
Wayne Gilbert - Diane Sklar
Philip Glick School of Medicine 1979 Drucy Borowitz
Ari Globerman - Stacy Globerman, Yana Zhaglina
Stacy Globerman School of Medicine 1984 Yana Zhaglina, Ari Globerman
Srijib Goswami Graduate Division 2015
Nathan Granillo School of Dentistry 2009
James Grosleib School of Dentistry 2007
Michelle Grosleib School of Dentistry 2007
Margaret Grossman School of Medicine 1984
Bev Guichard - John Guichard
John Guichard School of Medicine 1969 Bev Guichard
LaJuan Hall School of Dentistry 1994
Maria Hanley School of Nursing 1998
Bradley Harlan School of Medicine 1969
Leah Heap School of Medicine 1984
Diana Hendel School of Pharmacy 1989
Tana (Woodward) Henderson School of Dentistry 1989
Carmen Hipona School of Dentistry 1996
Janice (Farr) Hobbs School of Dentistry 1989
David Hopkins School of Medicine 1989
Renee Howard School of Medicine 1984
Pearl Hui School of Dentistry 1987
Susan Huscroft School of Medicine 1969
Suhata Iyer School of Pharmacy
Bergen James School of Dentistry 1989
Lucia Jim-Gee School of Pharmacy 1977 Joseph Gee
Jerry Jones School of Medicine 1969
Cynthia Jue-Louie School of Dentistry 1987
Marvin Jungling - Julie Lee
Harold Juran - Evangeline (Jang) Spindler
James Karlstrand School of Pharmacy 1969
Carol Kasper School of Medicine 1959
Lois Kaye - Alan Pope
Matt Keefer School of Medicine 1999
Kathleen Kennedy School of Medicine 1984
Renata Kiefer School of Medicine 1988 James Bridgman
Catherine Kissinger School of Nursing 1969
Daniel Kittleson School of Dentistry 1979
Mark Klein - Heidi (Maslen) Maslen-Klein
Brian Komoto School of Pharmacy 1981 Mary Komoto
Mary Komoto - Brian Komoto
Sharon Kumagai School of Dentistry 1989
John Kusske School of Medicine 1963
Andrea (Bieser) Lacasia School of Pharmacy 1999
Michelle Lacues School of Dentistry 2006
Jasmine Lai School of Medicine 2009
Kit Lau Graduate Division 1989 John Brinck
Julie Lee School of Medicine 1969 Marvin Jungling
Allen Leong School of Pharmacy 1974 Lindsey Leong, Alan Chen, Jonathan Leong, Kimberly Young, Fiona Chan
Jonathan Leong - Allen Leong, Lindsey Leong, Alan Chen, Kimberly Young, Fiona Chan
Kimery Leong School of Pharmacy 1999
Lindsey Leong School of Pharmacy 2010 Allen Leong, Alan Chen, Jonathan Leong, Kimberly Young, Fiona Chan
Lorraine Levin - Robert Levin
Robert Levin School of Pharmacy 1964 Lorraine Levin
Rhonda Levitt School of Medicine 1979
Rose Lewis School of Medicine 1974
Analisa Lono -
Christian Lopez School of Dentistry 2002
Megan Loring School of Medicine 2009
Adara Louis School of Pharmacy 2004
Yoonji Lu Graduate Division
Judith Luce School of Medicine 1974
Yann Ly-Gagnon - Stacie Solt
Barbara (Muller) Maberry Physical Therapy 1969
Claire (Ogata) Marcel School of Dentistry 1989
Thomas Marcel School of Dentistry 1989
Elijah Martin Graduate Division 2016
Celeste Marx School of Pharmacy 1979
Heidi (Maslen) Maslen-Klein Physical Therapy 1975 Mark Klein
Angie McCabe - Matthew Swatman
Lorna McFarland School of Medicine 1984
Eva Mendez - Roberto Mendez
Roberto Mendez School of Medicine 1979 Eva Mendez
Marie Mendoza School of Dentistry 1996
Linda (Hidzick) Meneken Physical Therapy 1975
Matthieu Meynier - Regina (Sih-Meynier) Sih
Bonnie Miller School of Nursing 1991
Sarah Miller School of Nursing 2011 Andrew Sinn
Loretta Miramontes School of Medicine 1979 Victor Miramontes
Victor Miramontes - Loretta Miramontes
Jeanne Mok School of Pharmacy 1969 Allen Chin
Michael Nagel School of Medicine 1964 Rochelle Barlas-Nagel
Reza Naima Graduate Division 2012
Yvette Narbut School of Pharmacy 1999
Zohra Nassimy - Jabran Alemi
Jean Nelson - Lawrence Nelson
Lawrence Nelson School of Medicine 1964 Jean Nelson
Duy Nguyen School of Dentistry 2011
Nora Nielsen School of Dentistry 1996
Beverly Nuchols School of Nursing 1981 Arthur Raefsky
Nathan Pan School of Dentistry 1983
Kim-Ngan Pham School of Pharmacy 1995
Jed Pitera Graduate Division 1999 Carolina Reyes
Pamela (Koeberer) Pitts School of Nursing 1969
Helaine Pleet School of Medicine 1976
Alan Pope School of Pharmacy 1978 Lois Kaye
Nancy Quinn School of Nursing 1982 Blanca Cantu
Betty Quock - Collin Quock
Collin Quock School of Medicine 1964 Betty Quock
Arthur Raefsky - Beverly Nuchols
Jurate Raulinaitis School of Dentistry 1987
Carolina Reyes Graduate Division 2000 Jed Pitera
Janet Roth School of Medicine 1969 Sheldon Brown
Joan Rushford - Ron Rushford
Ron Rushford School of Medicine 1964 Joan Rushford
Marjan Sadeghi School of Pharmacy 1998
Mojgan Sadeghi School of Pharmacy 1999
Charles Sam School of Pharmacy Lai Ping Sam
Lai Ping Sam School of Pharmacy Charles Sam
James Sano - Susan Buren
Frank Sarnquist School of Medicine 1969 Loreli Trippel
Jim Saunders School of Medicine 1969 lynn Saunders
lynn Saunders - Jim Saunders
Sushma Selvarajan Graduate Division 2000
Mahshid Seyedkazemi School of Pharmacy 1999
Regina (Sih-Meynier) Sih School of Pharmacy 1999 Matthieu Meynier
Barbara (Britts) Silverstein School of Nursing 1970 Michael Silverstein
Michael Silverstein - Barbara (Britts) Silverstein
Anne Simons School of Medicine 1979
Andrew Sinn - Sarah Miller
John Skhal School of Pharmacy 1971 Linda Skhal
Linda Skhal - John Skhal
Diane Sklar School of Medicine 1979 Wayne Gilbert
David Smith School of Medicine 1964 Millicent (Buxton) Buxton-Smith
Leon Smith-Harrison School of Medicine 1979
Stacie Solt School of Medicine 2009 Yann Ly-Gagnon
Evangeline (Jang) Spindler School of Medicine 1964 Harold Juran
Michal Staninec School of Dentistry 1980
Hal Stein School of Medicine 1985 Joan Stein
Joan Stein - Hal Stein
William Strull School of Medicine 1982
Matthew Swatman School of Dentistry 1989 Angie McCabe
Marcy Terry - Richard Terry
Richard Terry School of Medicine 1969 Marcy Terry
Gregory Tinloy School of Dentistry 1982
Theodore Tong School of Pharmacy 1969
Laura Trac School of Pharmacy 1999
Loreli Trippel - Frank Sarnquist
Kirsten (Larusson) Valentine School of Dentistry 1989
Shirley Van School of Medicine 1987
William Vincent School of Medicine 1964
Bernhard Votteri School of Medicine 1964 Linda Votteri
Linda Votteri - Bernhard Votteri
Clair Weenig School of Medicine 1969 Joan (Strathdee) Weenig
Joan (Strathdee) Weenig School of Nursing 1967 Clair Weenig
William Wong Physical Therapy 2015
Wilma Wong School of Pharmacy 1973
Thomas Wuesthoff School of Dentistry 1989
Joshua Yang Graduate Division 2016
Penelope Yip School of Dentistry 1994
Kimberly Young - Allen Leong, Lindsey Leong, Alan Chen, Jonathan Leong, Fiona Chan
Yana Zhaglina - Stacy Globerman, Ari Globerman

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